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Glue Valve
  • Air dispensing electric piezoelectric spray dispensing valve

    The piezoelectric injection valve adopts the electric mode, uses 24V AC to control the glue flow, and realizes the glue injection in the high-pressure state. The glue spraying frequency can reach 500Hz / s, the working efficiency is super high, and co

  • Realization of local high frequency spray valve for paint sp

    Spray dispensing valve as the core accessories of dispensing equipment, mainly uses low viscosity fluid to spray. In order to protect the surface of the product, it will spray a protective film for dust prevention, wear prevention and moistureproof. I

  • There are seven types of dispensing valves in China

    Today, Id like to share with you the types and characteristics of seven types of dispensing valves that we have made, what are their characteristics and what types of glue can be used. 1. spray valve Spray valves are most suitable for low viscosity gl

  • Zz-10s large flow manual dispensing valve

    Large flow manual dispensing valve sh-10 large flow manual dispensing valve is used for single liquid glue, with large dispensing diameter. The manual dispensing valve can be used in combination with pressure tank. Just press and hold the control pres